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Here are some sample forms – all created within Microsoft Word®.

Click on the images below to open the forms

Ice-Cream Flavours Rating Form

Business Course Registration Form

A two-page example form with many features: various field types, image upload, calculations, conditional field display, validations, E-signature.

It has a table layout, and uses Word shapes, with gradient colour background.

A nice form: business-like, but stylish.

You can download the original Word form here

Original Word Document

Water Wave Services General Enquiry Form

General Enquiry Form

A stylish form using Word shapes and background images with a water theme.

A single-column layout, looks really good on small screen Smartphones.

Original Word Document

IRS 1040

IRS 1040 Form

This is America’s favourite form! 157 million were filled last year.

This is a very serious business form – where the layout of the original paper form is preserved exactly – we make extensive use of Word tables to achieve this.

In-built validation, help, calculations, and E-Signatures, make this far easier to fill in than the paper version.

Original Word Document

Credit Application Form

Credit Application Form

There are thousands of ready-made form templates available from Microsoft. These can be turned into eForms in minutes – just insert the fields in the form document.

Here we have taken a stock Word form template for a credit application, and added interactivity.

Nice use of conditional display of fields – whole sections only become active if relevant to the applicant. We added a coloured background just to render the black and white form a bit more stylish.

Original Word Document

Sunset Contact Form

Contact Form

Nice example of how a bold background image can make a simple form standout.

Original Word Document

Forest Parking Permit

Parking Permit Application Form

One page form. Very stylish-looking using background image, logo, partially transparent shapes – overall green colour theme.

Nice use of shadows. Simple two-column table layout.

E-Signature again. A stylish web-style form.

Original Word Document

Dentist Employment Contract

Employment Contract

This 7-page example shows how a Word document contract can be turned into an interactive document for completing and signing.

We have made nice use of vertical positioning of fields, so that the field text lines up perfectly with the document text – looks great printed or as a PDF.

E-Signatures are added to enable a 100% paper-free submission. Field validation ensures it is completed correctly.

Original Word Document


We started this design with one of Microsoft’s many ready-made invoice templates. Added company details and logo, product droplist with automatic calculations for pricing, sales tax, and shipping costs.

The completed invoice can be printed or emailed as a PDF.

Original Word Document

Ice-Cream Flavours Rating Form

Ice-Cream Flavours Rating Form

This example shows how many Word features of graphics, images, shapes and lines, can be combined to make a really nice-looking form.

Original Word Document


Uniform Residential Loan Application

This is another serious business form – used across the USA for mortgage applications.

A big form – 10 pages, with 500 fields.

The layout and content strictly adheres to the statutory requirements of State and Federal government. Nice use of live calculations within the form.

Original Word Document