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Create Beautiful Web Forms in Microsoft Word® with FormPony

Our eForms Designer is an Add-In for Microsoft Word®.

A new Ribbon tab becomes available to you, seamlessly blending our eForm features with Word’s powerful design capabilities.

Field Data Types cater for every kind of response:

Intelligent Forms

Multipage Forms

Form Pony forms are suitable for all uses, including the most complex business forms, containing hundreds of fields.

  • Dynamic paging allows pages to be turned on only if they are relevant to the user, greatly simplifying the form filling process
  • Customisable Page Menu allows the user to move directly between form pages

Conditional Display

Turn form fields on or off, depending on previous answers. Simplifies the form for users, and makes a long form simpler to complete.


Automate calculations within the form – as simple or as complex as you wish.

Achievement Base Form

Dynamic Text

Generate form and document text “on the fly”, using form data from fields completed in the main body of the form:

  • Add conditions as to whether text is displayed or not
  • Create client specific instructions, tailored to answers on the form
  • Generate contracts and declarations
  • Generate prepopulated letter pages
  • Prepopulate supplementary forms
  • Prepopulate certificates for printing

Data Validation

Validation rules ensure that obvious mistakes and omissions are corrected before submission:

  • Fields marked as mandatory must be completed before submission
  • Ensure data is in a valid format (e.g. dates in a date field, valid emails in an email field)
  • Add more sophisticated validation rules: numbers are within a range, applicants are above a certain age, etc.
  • Flexible options: Set validation at page level (user must fix errors before moving to next page) or allow user to browse through form, and fix errors as they wish
  • For Developers: Add JavaScript to fields for transforming data, and adding advanced validation within the form.


Add Help for Users during form filling

  • Within the form: Add help and guidance instructions within your Word form pages.
  • Add tips for individual questions with field Help popups that can be shown beside any field
  • Add a help link direct to your own help pages on your website.

Help Message

Online Features

Form Viewer / Filler

  • Ever expanding choice of viewer / filler styles
  • Viewer / Filler adjusts to suit Smartphone screens.

Personalised Submission Options

  • Add a customised on-screen submission confirmation message for each form
  • Add notification emails for you and your staff as forms are submitted
  • Send custom receipt emails to users on successful form submission

Form Management

Start building perfect forms today!

Start building perfect forms today!