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We developed the Microsoft Word® based design software, first released in 2017, to make the creation of eForms simple. We have built on over 10 years of experience designing forms to create this product, and incorporate all of the features of our specialist software.

FormPony eForms software is unique, and subject to World-wide patent filings.

Our head-office is in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.

Victoria Forms

Victoria Forms was established in 2003, to supply high-end electronic form software and services to the UK market.

We supply specialist standalone desktop design software, along with training courses in its use. We provide this advanced eForm software and design experience to 1 in 5 UK local government authorities.

Our software is designed to cope with the most challenging of forms, including government forms that can extend up to 70 pages in length. Forms are used by both the public, and by staff in customer service centres – repeat professional users who use forms in high volumes.

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